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“I just wanted to say thank you for your classes!  I have been working consistently in powerlifting for the last 4 years – doing “the right accessory work” as prescribed by my coach and thought that I was doing what I needed to do to be successful in my sport.

Since starting your pilates, Taylor’s Iron Fit, the Yoga program and Leon’s FST, i am stronger than ever!  I have hit new PRs in every lift with a stronger back better form.  I always knew that the courses taught at your studio were the best, i just thought that i needed to focus on my sport… now i am actually lifting LESS and doing more, all thanks to you and your team.

Holly Lasante


“Five years into ‘Pilates For Me’ classes, I continue to be pushed to my limits with the always changing routines.  I feel my physical, core strength and balance have all greatly improved.  Kyla and her staff always manage to create different challenges for me and keep the classes interesting.  I truly look forward to attending classes every week.”



My husband Rich has always been into fitness so to introduce him to Pilates I suggested we try the Couples class.  Well, three years later this is what he has to say about it!  “I love Pilates.  It’s a great full body workout, especially for your core.  It has really helped prepare me for golf because my core strength has improved so much.”  The classes are a lot of fun with great instructors.  We both look forward to going every week.”
Carolyn Evoy



I have attended classes several times a week for years and LOVE it !!!   My favourites are the Pilates and the Yoga!  I have, however, also done the Boot camp and the running group.  The instructors are top notch, very caring and I consider them friends.  I feel they push me enough to make the workout challenging but are very conscious of form to avoid injuries.  They also have a great schedule that allows me to get my workouts done at a convenient time.  You can find me at the studio several days a week  at lunch time.
Bonnie Boissineau



In the spring of 2012 I was recovering from a major illness and went to Pilates for Me for a fitness assessment.  I met Tiffany and Kyla and they got me started on a fitness program including diet, aerobic exercise and regular Pilates classes.  I have found both of them to be very motivating and inspiring in their approach to fitness.

This was the catalyst to better health for me, as I lost weight and virtually eliminated my chronic back pain.  My mobility and flexibility have significantly improved as well.  I eat heathier, exercise regularly and I am more active today than I have been in years.

My personal training program with Kyla targeted my specific needs and this has helped my posture noticeably.  I continue to attend Pilates classes several times a week and fitness has become an important part of my life.

Thank you to Kyla, Tiffany and all the Trainers,

Michael Trumble



I was introduced to Pilates by a friend who recommended Pilates for Me in June of 2007 and by the end of my first six-week session I had become a Pilates devotee for life. One class per week soon became not enough and eventually I was taking five classes per week. I benefited tremendously from the Pilates for Me instructors’ professional training, expertise, motivation, and especially, their sense of fun. With their encouragement, I moved from Basic to Intermediate and eventually gained the confidence to attempt Pilates for Strength. Not having been physically fit prior to this was not a deterrent. I improved my fitness level gradually and my overall sense of physical well-being and confidence grew. One of the highlights of my Pilates for Me experience was the Running Group that I participated in the spring of 2010. It was a wonderful experience! Each participant had her own goal – from 5 km runs to half-marathons. My goal was the May 2010 Half-Marathon in Buffalo  The 10-week running program prepared me for the gruelling 21 km. distance and the core training provided by the Pilates class made it all possible.

I will never forget the camaraderie and motivation that the Pilates for Me instructors and running group provided and would unequivocally recommend it to anyone wanting to challenge themselves. I continue to take Pilates classes to this day and also enjoy the yoga classes that are offered. The professionalism of the instructors at Pilates for Me is second to none and I have truly loved and benefited from the overall experience.

Anne Kasch


My fitness has advanced over the numerous years that I have trained at Kyla’s studio.  My core strength, stability and balance are continually developing by training here.  The small class sizes allow for more personalized attention and permit me to learn and perform the exercises in correct form, which enhances my training.  There are numerous types of classes that challenge my body and maintain my interest.  I have enjoyed all the instructors because they are friendly professionals who are well trained and knowledgeable.

Within the last year, I have begun personal training with Kyla to resolve some muscular problems.  My arches of my feet had collapsed causing foot pain and the need to wear orthotics for relief.  Now I can participate in pilates classes bare foot without pain.  My balance, without shoes, has returned to what it was during my teenage years.  With Kyla’s help, I am working through a long-term repetitive injury, which had affected my daily activities.  I have experienced notable improvement already.  To resolve injuries while continuing to exercise is wonderful.  To improve my strength, balance, flexibility, and muscle balance at the same time is a testament to the skill and knowledge of Kyla and her team of instructors.

Ellen McCarthy



Thank you for the sessions.  I always love your interactions, and always leaves me leaving thinking how to be better!!

You are so educated and I always feel inspired to be better at my job as a trainer.

Canfitpro Trainer


Thank you for all your help these past few months.  What I thought would be some changes to my exercise plan turned more into a lifestyle change. I appreciate that you took the time not only to recommend a change in diet, but also the time to help me select foods to substitute and/or add into my diet to make the changes as simple as possible.  Each time I read another article about diet and autoimmune disease or talk to someone else who has seen positive changes in their disease because of a change to their diet, I am thankful we crossed paths and you were there to help me.  Never thought I could make such a mean chocolate cake from ground almonds, dates, a few eggs and a bit of cocoa!  Anyway, thank you again for being such a positive and inspiring person.

Fit Bodies Fit Minds client

As a women in my sixties, physical health is very important to me.  For the last ten years, I have been a client of Pilates For Me/Fit Bodies Fit Minds and have thoroughly enjoyed my time with Kyla and her excellent team of instructors specializing in Pilates, Fit Bodies, Yoga, Strengthening, Reformer and Fascia.  I can honestly say that I feel, at this point in my life, the strongest and healthiest I can be.  Since starting classes my confidence has increased whereby I have taken up cycling, golf and cross country skiing.  An additional benefit is a noticeable increase in my desire to carry out day to day activities with enjoyment, stamina and positive feelings.  I have had the pleasure of working with Kyla, Tiffany, Katherine Kasch,  Jill Bowes, Andrea Stone, Jen Amadio, Tessa Kasch, Cara Russon, Caray Ford, Sharon Wood-Anderson and Sarah Celli to mention most instructors and have found all to be knowledgeable, motivational and, most important, able to instruct at a variety of levels depending upon class composition and size. In addition, I have participated in informative and helpful workshops/seminars in Nutrition, Foot Health, Essential Oils and the most profound in Meditation with Lalitha Ravi.  All have been practical and useful in many ways!
Thank you Kyla for believing in and creating an environment for women and men to achieve greater physical and mental health.
Always inspired and truly grateful.

Yvonne Cull

I met you (Kyla) while I have been on this journey to improve my mind, body and spirit.  It has been very pleasing for me to see how our paths have crossed in many ways.  I truly believe that we were meant to meet at this point in my life.

You are truly one amazing person.  Your business touches your clientele in a way that cannot be put into words.  We all love you and what you bring to us.  The classes are great for our bodies and the workshops are good for our bodies, minds, and souls.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I hope when you look at this small token, that you will know that you touched a person who respects you and thinks that you are one amazing human being, giving all of us everything that you have to give.



Dylan has been fantastic!  What a winner you found there – great kid, and very, very knowledgeable.  Have full confidence in his advice and workouts so far and he is an absolute pleasure to work with.  Thank you for setting me up with Dylan – we just started and I feel great already after three workouts.