Mind Flip Your Body

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Start your wellness journey with 4-weeks of workshops designed to help you foresee potential roadblocks that could impede your new wellness outlook, and learn tools that will help you move past these obstacles.
1. The Power of Journaling will introduce you to the importance of journaling and how you can begin to use this important tool to track how you feel about changes that are occurring or need to occur as you embark on a new wellness journey. Learn about ways to turn the thoughts of fear into inspiration as you begin making changes that empower YOU to begin your journey to an optimal wellbeing.
2. INspiring Change will help you tap into the fears that are preventing you from taking care of YOU and will help you dig deep past what is stopping you from moving forward in your journey.
3. Self-Care Isn’t Selfish will help you look at areas in your life that are lacking in self-care. You will leave with a plan on how to start taking care of yourself from the inside out. This toolkit is equipped with practical ideas and exercises you can use to suit your lifestyle, interests and personal schedule.
4. Celebrating Change will take you back over the weeks of changing and celebrate all the work you have done. You will be guided on how to keep the change cycle rolling as you continue on with your journey. You will leave feeling inspired to keep going with all of the changes you have made.