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What is Corrective/Functional exercise?

Corrective and/or functional exercise is a type of exercise that works to correct alignment issues that a person may have.  It also helps recovery after an injury and trains the body to reduce the risk of re-injury and injury.  This type of exercise works to correct posture for optimal body movement.  Functional movement involves a person using their own body to maximize optimal movement.  Simply put: no machines are used when participating in these classes and because of this your body will learn to move in a more functional way.

Why should I choose the types of classes you offer?

Our number one goal at Fit Bodies. Fit Minds. is to help better a person’s health and lifestyle.  We will work to help your body function more efficiently and reduce your risk of injury.  Our classes are designed to be participated in on their own or added to your exercise regime.  So if you currently workout, add us to your fitness plan to see better results.  If you are just beginning to workout, or are getting back into fitness, then we will gladly help you.  We guarantee results!

Can I switch classes if I do not like the one I assigned up for?

Yes.  At Fit Bodies. Fit Minds. you no longer sign up for a specific class and that is all.  You now purchase a pass of so many classes and then sign up online for the classes you would like to take.  Switching classes is easier than ever!

Can I do Pilates or other classes if I am pregnant?

Yes.  Each of our coaches is very knowledgeable and educated in pre and post natal fitness, so please inform your coach so that they can tailor each class to best suit your needs.

How do I know what type of class to sign up for? If I should be advanced or basic level Pilates and/or Yoga?

If you cannot figure out what level of class to take, we will gladly help you determine that.  If you have not taken any Pilates/Yoga before, than a beginner class may be better.  If you have, however taken classes before, than maybe a starting point would be intermediate.  If you begin in a level and you do not feel challenged or that too hard for you, we will switch you into a class and level that we, together, decide is best.

What is Group Coaching/Training?

Group training is where instead of training individually with a coach, you will be training with a small group of people; 4 – 8 people.  It is a cost saving measure where your individual needs will still be targeted.    You will receive a pre and post assessment, half off monthly workshops, and information sessions on various topics, for example: nutrition.  Group training will cater to your personal needs in a cost saving manner.

Should I do both Pilates and Yoga classes?

At Fit Bodies. Fit Minds. we believe that the great alignment understanding and core training from Pilates will make Yoga much more beneficial.  We feel people taking yoga with a Pilates’ background will find it much easier and safer to properly execute the poses in Yoga.  It is because of our training that we feel Pilates compliments Yoga and should be done together.

Why is it beneficial to have a professional assessment completed for your posture and training?

This assessment is designed to help correct faulty motor patterns in the body, align the spine and develop more functional mobility for your daily living.  Your assessment includes an evaluation of your lifestyle and physical fitness level.  From this assessment, your personal coach will then customize a program that is guaranteed to improve your fitness levels and overall health and well-being.