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Corrective and/or functional exercise is a type of exercise that works to correct alignment issues that a person may have.  It also helps recovery after an injury and trains the body to reduce the risk of re-injury.  These classes work to correct posture for optimal body movement. Simply put: no machines are used when participating in these classes and because of this your body will learn to move in a more functional way.


Some of the corrective/functional exercises classes include:

Balanced Bodies

This is an all levels, functional, all ages class challenging and strengthening your muscles and core; balancing you in all areas! A variety of equipment will be used in this class as well as PILATES and Foundation Training.  This class is prenatal friendly.

Barre Redefined

This all levels vertical class will allow you to work on posture, alignment, flexibility and core strength. With the use of a barre and foundation training this class will make you feel long and lean. Clients will learn posture, core stability and muscle balance. This class is great for people suffering from injuries that require them to not move on and off the floor. Also prenatal friendly!

Core Confidence

This class is designed to teach you how to engage your core to improve posture, prevent incontinence or help you prepare for/recover from giving birth.  You will learn about the components of the core and teach your body to engage different muscles during specific exercises to benefit all body types and abilities.  Your body will benefit by gaining control over your pelvic floor, reducing back pain, improve posture in the spine and help release tight hips.  This class is prenatal friendly.

Fitness on the Ball

This all levels conditioning class will challenge the body in a dynamic and functional way. We will work the body by using the instability of an exercise ball to develop key stabilizers in the core.  Also prenatal friendly!

In the Zone

This class is similar to our spinal fitness as it aligns the spine and works from the inside out.  Additionally, it works with Chakras in our body to help develop and strengthen not only skeletal muscle but our smooth muscle (organs) and our cardiac muscles (heart).  Our intention of this class is to start focusing on how to be balanced human beings not human doings!

Iron Strength

Using concepts in Foundation Training & many different fitness conditioning certifications, this class will not be seen anywhere else. Iron Strength focuses on lengthening and strengthening the muscles used in lifting weights as well as teaching you proper alignment and posture during many lifts.  This class is will challenge your body to go beyond what you thought was possible at the same time as help you develop muscle groups that will support you to lift more. If you want to learn how to use free weights, improve your body weight exercises or improve your posture and alignment – then sign up for Iron Strength now! Feel the burn without burning out!

Myofascial Stretching

This is an intense stretching class where rollers and tune up balls are used to stretch out muscles and fascia.  This form of stretching really gets deep into the fascia of the muscle and trigger points to work out tension.  It is great for those who are too flexible for yoga because there is no stretching at the joint.  This class is geared for the intermediate to advanced level fitness enthusiast and is a great addition to avid exercisers or athlete, or someone who has a high level of flex or joint laxity.

Spinal Fitness

This integrative training regime uses Pilates inspired body weight and resistance exercises to strengthen and stretch muscles originating from the center of the body. This method aims to create overall muscle balance, structural tolerance, and spinal integrity.  This class is prenatal friendly.

Iron Fit

This class will push your strength boundaries while teaching and corrective proper functional movement patterns! Come lift some weights in this fun and encouraging environment. You’ll get a challenging workout while learning about proper movement techniques. Walk out of this class feeling strong, confident, and ready to take over the world!

Strengthen & Lengthen

This class will incorporate strong foundational movements to teach your body to be as strong as it can be without pain. This class will flow through powerful postures to build strength and then guided myofascial stretching exercises with relaxation poses. Heal your pain. Discover your potential. Walk out of this class feeling a little bit taller.