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Small Group Fitness Classes are pre arranged with an instructor and consist of 3-6 people per instructor. You are committed to your group for 10 weeks and the classes are more tailored to your individual needs compared to regular classes.  You are getting the best of both personalized training, and enjoying the support of a group environment.

All small groups include nutritional guidance with food logs to receive personal feedback on how making small changes to your diet can lead to amazing changes.  We also include homework that varies in stretching to other exercises that will help you achieve your personal goals.

Circuit Burn

This small group is all about pushing your body, and leave you feeling like you did an hour workout in 30 minutes!  Using a variety of methods, this circuit class will focus on what your small group needs to achieve your goals.  We will be offering 2 small groups of this class!

Speed & Agility Sports Training

A group training program designed to provide athletes an opportunity to develop their speed, agility, and quickness, which will enhane their performance in any sport.  Exercises are designed to optimize movement patterns, improve biomechanics, increase neuromuscular recruitment, and develop focus, without pushing weights in the traditional sense.  Agility tests will be performed before and after the program to show the improvements made.  The athlete who can change directions and accelerate quickly, while staying balanced and focused on the play will be more successful.


Kick boxing is a sport with high demands on complete fitness.  In this total body workout, training is geared to obtain optimum cardio-vascular fitness, as well as strength and agility. 

Trampoline Circuit

Building Strength

A high-intensity class all about building strength and having a good sweat!  All small groups include nutritional guidance with food logs, personalized feedback and tips for you to try at home.

Fit Kids

Our Fit Kids class will include a wide range of activities including exercise, fitness games, yoga, and more.  The class is geared toward ages 5-12 and will foster a healthy perspective that kids must take care of their mind and body to be their best and happiest selves! We will also include nutrition information about how to make healthier choices, and why its important to fuel their bodies the right way.

Build Your Own

Bring together your colleagues, friends and/or family and build your own 3- 5 group class.