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Small Group Fitness Classes are pre arranged with an instructor and consist of 3-5 people per instructor. The more people you have in your small group, the lower the price is. You are committed to your group for a set number of weeks and the classes are more tailored to your individual needs compared to regular classes.

Pre / Post Natal

Specific training for post natal clients in areas that are needed for recovering after a baby.


Have fun and get fit learning how to properly box using punching bags and boxing pads and gloves. This challenging class is for all levels!

Align & Define

This full body circuit-based class utilizes mini trampolines, TRX suspension trainers and yoga to improve mobility, coordination, strength, and stamina.


Kick boxing is a sport with high demands on complete fitness.  In this total body workout, training is geared to obtain optimum cardio-vascular fitness, as well as strength and agility. 


Enjoy working your muscles through various barbell, weighted exercises.


Get the kids involved! You can host a small group with your own children where you are all getting a great workout or you can organize one with just youth. The training can be sports specific or it can also just focus on improving general health and fitness!

Build Your Own

Bring together your colleagues, friends and/or family and build your own 3- 5 group class.