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At Fit Bodies. Fit Minds we offer a variety of pre and post natal training and seminars to help an expectant mother both physically and mentally prepare for their bundle of joy and/or rebound efficiently and effectively after birth.  All classes and seminars are delivered by educated and qualified instructors.


Mom & Baby Fitness

This class is a great way to help get your body back.  Taught by a certified pre & post natal instructor, this class will incorporate core and strength training that will encourage healing and proper muscle development to help you feel like a better, stronger version of your pre-baby self. Babies are welcome! And you’ll love exercising with your new baby right next to you. Class is appropriate for all fitness levels new to advanced; our instructor will have adjustments for every comfort level.

Core Confidence Assessment

Do you experience pelvic pain, painful sex or incontinence? Book a Core Confidence Assessment to receive a detailed plan on how to get your core properly functioning again.  Often these muscles need to be retrained. Post Natal considers anyone who has had a baby ever in their life no matter how long ago. Core Assessments can also be given to any male clients who suffer pelvic issues also.
Assessment led by a Certified Bellies Inc. Instructor.

Core Confidence Training

If you are pregnant or not!  We all need this class to work on our pelvic floor which has been studied as the foundation to our core and proper alignment. This class is especially for you if you experience any pelvic floor pain, urinary incontinence or pain during intercourse. In this course you will be taught breathing techniques and exercises that will address issues triggered by the pelvic floor. All classes are taught by experienced and certified instructors who will be able to answer your questions with compassion and sensitivity.

Stroller Fitness

Stroller Fit is an exercise class for mom and babies taught by pre/post natal certified instructors. This is a fun, interactive outdoor workout that combines a variety of fitness types in order to help moms recover from the prenatal period. A great way to connect with new and experienced moms while spending time with your baby.


Fit Bellies – Pre Natal Wellness

We know the importance you feel to be healthy and strong during your pregnancy, and we have designed a program to help you have everything you need to achieve that goal!  This 8 week program will focus on yoga, mental health, fitness during pregnancy, and nutrition.  Our wellness classes will focus on pelvic floor, and core muscles to help you prepare for birth.  Each week, we will introduce a new topic that will help build a mind and body connection that is so important for your pregnancy journey.  With our certified and educated instructor, all our classes are safe for every stage in your pregnancy.

Strong Moms – Post Natal Wellness

This program is designed to help new moms get back to feeling their best, mind and body after birth.  Motherhood has ups and downs, and we know its important for you to feel like yourself again.  This 8 week program focuses on yoga, mental health, post-partum depression, fitness and nutritional guidance.  We will focus on pelvic floor, core, and strength training to ensure you become stronger, and gain your body back.  With our certified and educated instructor, all our classes are able to be modified to fit your needs!