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Running Clinic

Whether you are someone looking to improve your health or someone who is looking to become a more efficient runner, our running clinics will meet your needs. We customize your running program, host information sessions on numerous topics related to running/training, analyze your body mechanics, and work with you to help you achieve your individual goals.  Participants are encouraged to walk or run at their own level.  This is a 6 week class and includes one free Pilates class.  If running is something that you are interested in taking part in, this is a great opportunity to train with experienced and educated professionals!

Sport Specific Training

Sport specific training programs are individually designed to meet the specific needs of each athlete. Athletes can gain a competitive edge and reduce their chances of injury by using a combination of weight training, endurance activities, nutrition counseling, cognitive tools to excel in their sport, and Pilates training to increase strength, agility, balance, flexibility, coordination, focus, and body awareness.

Fam Jam Fitness

This ridiculously fun class allows you to bring your child with you to workout so you get to spend more time together! You will both get to experience different genres of fitness and a variety of yoga styles while learning proper exercise techniques. This will help your child develop physical literacy skills at a young age. The increased bonding time will improve your relationship with your child as well as teach you how to be a kid again!

Happy Hips

This all levels class uses exercises to release the hip and build strength around the joints. You will lengthen and strengthen your core as well as the muscles that surround and cross the hip region. You will strengthen your smaller intrinsic muscles to help stabilize joints and improve your balance reducing joint stress. You will end each class by “working in” and targeting your parasympathetic system with mindful meditation. Come make your hips happy

Youth Fitness

This is a very dynamic and functional class for teens to learn proper training skills while being active, social and listening to their favourite music! Classes incorporate cardio training, strength training, core training and more. The programs designed focus on the mind body connection and help teens to deal with stress.

Yoga 4 Strength


Youth Hockey Training

Every stride you make and shot you take on the ice starts from your feet up and deep within your core.  With our 360 degree approach you will improve your strength and conditioning in all planes of movement and strengthen essential muscles that are often neglected in regular training.  Working with us you will develop the balance and foundational strength you need to maximize your power and performance on the ice.



This new eight week program is like a reset button for your body and soul. You will learn about the nervous system and maintaining its balance, how to reset and recharge your metabolism, and the meaning of proper rest and recovery and how to achieve it. You’ll also learn about tools like meditation, different kinds of healing, proper stretching, and how to achieve restful sleep! This program is also great for chronic pain and recurring injuries. It is for all ages and fitness levels and will include a journal, healing stone, and more. Take this program and leave with your chakra balanced, mind rested, and body and soul recharged! There is a drop in rate.