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This program is like a reset button for your body and soul. You will learn about the nervous system and maintaining its balance, how to reset and recharge your metabolism, and the meaning of proper rest and recovery and how to achieve it. You’ll also learn about tools like meditation, different kinds of healing, proper stretching, and how to achieve restful sleep! This program is also great for chronic pain and recurring injuries. It is for all ages and fitness levels and will include a journal, healing stone, and more. Take this program and leave with your chakra balanced, mind rested, and body and soul recharged! There is a drop in rate.
We are offering a 4 week Holiday Edition of Surrender.  Starting Wednesday, Nov 27th at 7:30PM.

Eat Well. Move Well. Be Well.

This program will be offered with expert trainer Kyla Faganely and nutrition expert Jaime Brideau. Half of the class will focus on movement and exercising, and half will be nutrition based. You will learn all about how to properly move the body as well as how to properly fuel it! This is an amazing program and there are only 12 spots available. Secure your spot to improve your physical fitness while learning about proper nutrition. There will also be nutrition journals provided and tons of recipe tips!

HOLIDAY EDITION! Eat what you love, without feeling guilty! Starting Wednesday, November 27th 6:30PM

This 4 week holiday edition will be all about how you can get through the holidays while still enjoying the dinners, parties and treats.  We will focus on how you can make small changes, with big impacts so you can maintain your progress and not feel guilty about having balance in your life.  We understand that life gets busy this time of year, so we want to help you make it as easy as possible to keep crushing your goals.  Sign up now!

Iron Flow

It will be a high intensity class with loud music to push you through difficult core work, strong flows, and beneficial poses. The program will progress each week. Regardless of your level of yoga expertise, you will learn something at this program!

We are offering a 4 week Holiday Edition starting Monday, November 25th 7:30PM.


Fit Bellies – Pre Natal Wellness – Next Session in January 2020

We know the importance you feel to be healthy and strong during your pregnancy, and we have designed a program to help you have everything you need to achieve that goal!  This 8 week program will focus on yoga, mental health, fitness during pregnancy, and nutrition.  Our wellness classes will focus on pelvic floor, and core muscles to help you prepare for birth.  Each week, we will introduce a new topic that will help build a mind and body connection that is so important for your pregnancy journey.  With our certified and educated instructor, all our classes are safe for every stage in your pregnancy.

Strong Moms – Post Natal Wellness – Next Session in January 2020

This program is designed to help new moms get back to feeling their best, mind and body after birth.  Motherhood has ups and downs, and we know its important for you to feel like yourself again.  This 8 week program focuses on yoga, mental health, post-partum depression, fitness and nutritional guidance.  We will focus on pelvic floor, core, and strength training to ensure you become stronger, and gain your body back.  With our certified and educated instructor, all our classes are able to be modified to fit your needs!

Sport Specific Training

Sport specific training programs are individually designed to meet the specific needs of each athlete. Athletes can gain a competitive edge and reduce their chances of injury by using a combination of weight training, endurance activities, nutrition counseling, cognitive tools to excel in their sport, and Pilates training to increase strength, agility, balance, flexibility, coordination, focus, and body awareness. Contact the studio for information on this.

For more information, e-mail us at contact@fitbodiesfitminds.com!