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Yoga is a discipline that exercises your body and mind.  Exercises are performed to unite a person’s focus, spirituality, and body.  All this will help reduce stress and anxiety associated with our busy North American lifestyle.  Yoga is suitable for all fitness levels and for anyone wanting to work on their flexibility and ways to reduce their stress level.  All our yoga instructors understand the body and have additional training to focus on the proper mechanics of the body.

Community Yoga Class

Join our FBFM family the last Sunday of every month for this pay by donation yoga class.  Each month your donation will go to a local charity.  No class pass required!

Movement Medicine (Yoga)

A yoga class for those brand new to the practice, & anyone who wants a slower moving class or healing practice. Taught by an RN, this class is safe & therapeutic for those with chronic health issues such as vertigo, hypertension, Rheumatoid or Osteoarthritis, chronic back pain or mental health issues such as anxiety or depression. No extreme movements or vigorous flow; the focus is on safe, mindful movement for chronic health needs management.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

The unique linking of one asana to the next is a sequence of movements that flow naturally. The emphasis is on working deeper into the asana at your own ability through focusing on the principles of alignment, awareness and breath. By connecting breath to the movement of the body this will create energy and relaxation of the mind.

Yin Yoga with Healing Touch

Join Yoga Instructor Sarah Fratesi and Reiki/Healing Touch Practitioner Anne-Marie Caicco at the end of each month for a relaxing and healing experience. Sarah will lead you through various yin-style yoga poses, while Anne-Marie adds Healing Touch to your yoga experience.
Each long, supported hold in Yin Yoga helps the body and mind to relax and release tension: mentally, emotionally and physically.  Yin Yoga also creates a gentle traction and compression that can help to flush out toxins and lubricate the joints while helping to release everyday tension from the surrounding connective tissues.
Healing Touch is an energy therapy in which practitioners consciously use thier hands in a heart-centered and intentional way to enhance, support, facilitate, and promote health and healing. The goal of Healing Touch is to restore balance and harmony in the energy system, thereby promoting self-healing on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Yoga 4 Strength

This class incorporates the yoga you love with strength building training. Find the strong calm in you while you build muscle and increase flexibility. All fitness levels are welcome with variations to all comfort levels.




Often, the stresses and demands of your life prevent you from being able to enjoy every moment of your life. There’s always something you need to “get through” or “deal with” or “fix” before you can finally follow your dream of living a life that is the fullest, most spiritually-aligned expression of who you really are . . . in your soul.

Do you ever think that if you only had more money . . . more time . . . a better job . . . a slimmer body . . .then you’d finally be able to experience the kind of happiness you thought you’d be feeling in your everyday life by now?

After all, haven’t you worked hard and done the best you knew how, every step of the way?

Just for a moment, imagine an end to that restlessness, that endless cycle of needing to “get through” something before you can truly begin to live your life and be happy.

What if you were able to fully express your authentic self—the core of who you really are—in every moment of every day, and therefore effortlessly attract abundance and radiate joy?

And what if it didn’t matter where you lived, how much money you had, what you did for a living, or who your friends were, in order for you to feel a constant sense of inspiration and meaning in every moment you live?

There’s a secret to creating a life that expresses who you truly are . . .

Now you have an opportunity to discover it for yourself.