Online Options

One of the most hopeful outlooks during this difficult time is the way members of our community have rallied to support the small businesses they care about—like this one.

Because of the undying support from all over the country, we are able to offer online classes, personal training and specialized programs!

We are so excited and lucky to continue to serve our community while the quarantine is underway.

Take a look below to see what we are offering you while you are at home!


We are offering classes Monday through Friday to serve your needs—with a free class every Thursday @ 10:00 AM.

Look out for our new Restorative Yoga and Family Yoga classes coming next week!

Book your next virtual class through this link directly below! We ask that you please sign up for classes with at least 30 minutes before so you have time to receive it.


We are now offering our very first EVER virtual workshops—hosted by our expert trainers every Wednesday!

Book your spot our next Virtual Workshop (Happiness – The Missing Link to Health) through this link! h


This means we offer all personal training at 20% off! Plus, we can use any video-calling software to suit your needs, such as Facetime, Skype, Google Duo, Facebook Messenger, Zoom, etc. Talk to your current trainer on how to get this set up, or simply email us at on how to get assigned one.


We are offering a one-on-one assessment, guidance in what workouts need to be done weekly, and any questions you may have. These can be purchased through our trainers, or again if you don’t currently have one to email us and we can guide you through it!


We are offering staff packages as well! Get the coworkers together (virtually) and moving with any class/workshop we offer—contact us on booking to help give your staff a break!