Outdoor Classes

FBFM will be taking our classes outdoor for the summer! What you need to know:

  • Classes will be hosted at the Delta Waterfront – the most beautiful view during your workout! There is shade and sun placements available.
  • All classes will be a maximum of 10
  • All clients will be a minimum of 6ft apart
  • You must bring your own mat!
  • If you would like to wear a mask, we ask that you bring your own.
  • You can use your regular class packages for outdoor classes. The current $10 rate is ONLY for the live online classes.

We Come To You

Still unsure about attending public classes? We have the perfect option for you!

Our We Come To You service is all about personalization and offering exactly what you want, with your own group at the time that you pick. You can get up to 9 other friends and family members to form your own small group. Let us know what style of class you would like, what instructor, and the time. We do our best to accommodate your requests, the earlier you book – the more likely you will get your complete package!

Small Group

Our Small Group option is made for those who want to get more out of their personalized, small group classes. Small Groups include fitness, nutrition, homework, and lifestyle guidance. These groups must be a minimum of 6 people to a maximum of 8, and the program lasts for 10 weeks! You choose the style of class, time, and your instructor. We do our best to accommodate requests, but the earlier you book – the more likely you will get your complete package!

Contact us at contact@fitbodiesfitminds.com for more information!

Fresh Air Fitness

Fresh Air Fitness will incorporate fun body weight exercises for all levels. You will learn how to do a dynamic warm-ups and agility ladder drills to improve coordination and conditioning. Come outside and improve how you feel while burning calories and having fun.

Delta Force Bootcamp

This high intensity boot camp style class will have options for all levels.Come and push your limits and get a great full-body workout using bodyweight, and a few pieces of equipment.

Pilates All Levels

Operating on the principle of “strengthening through lengthening”. All Levels Pilates incorporates intensive core training to challenge your fitness level. Since intensity options are always given, this class will meet the fitness needs of everyone, including beginners and advanced participants.

Yoga 4 Strength

This class incorporates the yoga you love with strength building training. Find the strong calm in you while you build muscle and increase flexibility. All fitness levels are welcome with variations to all comfort levels.

Running Group

Whether you are someone looking to improve your health or someone who is looking to become a more efficient runner, our running clinics will meet your needs. We customize your running program, host information sessions on numerous topics related to running/training, analyze your body mechanics, and work with you to help you achieve your individual goals. Participants are encouraged to walk or run at their own level. If running is something that you are interested in taking part in, this is a great opportunity to train with experienced and educated professionals!