Eat, move and be healthy!  That is the goal of Fit Bodies. Fit Minds.  Through our workshops we hope to instill this passion in everyone.

Women’s Wellness Day Retreat

Come and experience a day of empowering workshops, a variety of exercise classes including Yoga, mindfulness and movement to inspire you to move!  Lunch from Vibe Eatery is included. Sign up now to be moved, be mindful, and be empowered!

IRON Series CEC Workshop

Iron Series
This series is going deep into the education surrounding strength, nutrition, and core. These 3 topics are critical in achieving a complete strategy for you that will leave you with lasting results and inspire you to change your lifestyle to become the best version of yourself. Each area of the series; strength, gut, and core all work together to help build the healthiest body. The Iron Core series will provide you with the knowledge to improve core strength, breathing techniques for effective workouts, and how to activate the pelvic floor. The Iron Gut series will focus on education for proper nutrition, and align the brain, gut and body to have a connection that encourages you to make healthier decisions. The Iron Strength series will blend together many different fitness conditioning certificates to provide you with the best knowledge. This section will focus on how you build your core, and strengthen and lengthen your body to activate every last muscle for the most successful workout. This series will provide the basic information from each course to educate you on how you can take your training to the next level.

Iron Strength
Using concepts from many different fitness conditioning certifications, this class will not be seen anywhere else. Iron Strength focuses on lengthening and strengthening the muscles used in lifting weights as well as teaching you proper alignment and posture during many lifts. This class is will challenge your body to go beyond what you thought was possible at the same time as help you develop muscle groups that will support you to lift more. If you want to learn how to use free weights, improve your body weight exercises or improve your posture and alignment – then sign up for Iron Strength now! Feel the burn without burning out!

Iron Gut
We all know what its like to crave sweets, salty foods, and more. This is a huge challenge for anyone wanting to change their eating habits, and start making healthier choices. In this course you will learn all about the connection between the mind, the stomach, the body and how it all works together. You will be educated on how you can create effective strategies about making smarter, and healthier choices without having to sacrifice delicious food. You will learn how to build a connection between the brain and the gut that craves food that fuels the body, rather than slow it down. Everyone has different nutrition needs, and with expert Kyla Faganley she will help you find ways to identify those needs and make lasting change.

Iron Core
Join International pro trainer, Kyla Faganely for her revolutionary Iron Core workshop. You will learn about the intricate muscles in your core, linking those muscles, proper breathing techniques for efficient core functioning, and the powerful strength of proper pelvic floor activation.


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