Youth Camps

Fit Bodies. Fit Minds.  is pleased to welcome Josephine and Krista to our staff.  These two ladies are excited about running Youth Classes and camps beginning in June.  Any and all university, college, and high school students are welcome to join.

This summer, we are offering a discounted student rate on personal training session and small group classes. The prices are listed below.

Type of Class 3 Sessions

Cost per person

10 Sessions

Cost per person

Private Training $135.00 $399.00
Semi-Private $99.00 $299.00
Small Group of Three (55 min) $87.00 $259.00
Small Group of Four (55 min) $75.00 $199.00
Small Group of Five (55min) $60.00 $169.00

Contact the studio with any questions.  Or sign up here!