Holistic Nutrition Consultant

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General Nutrition Consultation

In this consult we will tackle your main health concerns and eating habits. I will ask personal questions and offer you some general guidelines to improve your everyday health. I will suggest specific foods, supplements and lifestyle practices that will be helpful for addressing your current needs. Learn what subtle yet significant changes you can make to become vibrant.

In-Depth Nutrition Consultation

This is where I try to get to the bottom of your health problems. I will search for the underlying root cause of issues, so that they can be properly addressed to avoid just controlling symptoms.

Session one is used to learn about you: your diet and lifestyle habits, your blood type, your personal health history and family history, your supplementation and medication use, your symptoms, and your health goals. This session typically takes 1 hour.
Between sessions, I will use what was discovered to compile a personalized information package for you.
Session two focuses on your education. We will review your personalized information package, which includes dietary and lifestyle recommendations, a supplement protocol, a one-week meal plan and a selection of recipes and other information based on your needs. Information packages will be tailored to your preferences.

30 Days to Healthy Habits Program

Notes from Kyla:

We are very excited to launch our new and improved Nutrition and Wellness program. I truly believe in these times of struggle that our health is all that matters. When we fuel our body properly, move our body correctly, balance our autonomic nervous system, and take care of our minds we can truly develop the life of our dreams. Our program will guide you through day-by-day steps to change your negative health patterns, encourage you to move, find the best nutritional plan for your body, and will lead you to a life of balance, energy, and purpose. I can’t wait to be part of this journey with you, I am very proud of you for taking the first step! 

Yours in health and fitness, 

Kyla Faganely, MSc, HBK, BEd

Notes from Jaime:

Thank you so much for trusting me to help you through this journey. I hope that you continuously find little bits of wisdom that can help you find the perfect balance of diet and lifestyle that brings you both joy and vibrant health. While the world struggles to find its balance within itself right now, it does not mean that we as individuals have to be the same. 

I want to emphasize that within this, nothing is meant to cause added stress. If you are finding yourself stressing about this, take some deep breaths and take a step back. Sometimes even the smallest changes can make the most impact! While this is made as a 30-day program, there is nothing written in stone that’s how quickly you need to move through it. Maybe it will take you 30 months! 

One of my favourite quotes is:

 “Nature never rushes anything, yet accomplishes everything” 

(Unknown source)

Take your time, don’t forget to breathe, and stay well. 

Jaime Brideau, BA, CNP

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